Here you will find photographs of the great outdoors, including the mountains and rivers of the Western United States, along with the animals that inhabit them. I enjoy kayaking down stream or taking out a canoe and poling up and down the rivers of Texas and Wyoming. In Texas most of our canoeing and poling is on the San Marcos River and the Guadalupe River. In Wyoming, I enjoy canoeing, backpacking and camping in the Wind River Range. Most of my time in the Wind River Range has been spent along the Green River in the area of the Green River Lakes and Squaretop Mountain.

Although I prefer the solitude of the wilderness, I am also attracted to speed. As a result, you will also find photographs of various motor sports events and automobiles. Living in Austin, Texas we are fortunate to be near the Circuit of the Americas which brings us events such as Formula 1, MotoGP and Vintage Races.